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Thursday, December 7, 2023


Obtaining a Visa is a time-consuming process that can sometimes derail your plans for a perfect vacation. Are you worried that the visa will interfere with your vacation? Worry not; here is a list of countries for UAE residents and citizens that will get you closer to your dreams without having to go through the lengthy visa process. Exploring the world has never been simpler.

Continue reading to learn more about Which country visa is easy to get from UAE, as well as countries where you can obtain a visa on arrival if you are a UAE resident or citizen.


Malaysia is a perfect example of the fusion of traditional civilization and modern marvels. The area is filled with tranquil beaches, incredible attractions, exotic flora and fauna, delectable cuisine, and much more. It is a country that values both cultural harmony and technological progress. Various festivals involving Indian, Chinese, and Malay people are also celebrated in the country.

If you are a UAE citizen, you can get this country visa easily from UAE and stay for up to 90 days.


Azerbaijan, also known as the Land of Fire, is a beautiful country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It is a land steeped in history, with roots dating back to the Stone Age. The country has many tourist attractions, ranging from the Caucasus Mountains to old-generation villages. Baku, the capital city, has beautiful architecture and sits royally on the Caspian Sea.

Because the country has good relations with the UAE, if you are a UAE citizen, you can obtain a visa on arrival during your visit. The validity period of the same will be 30 days


Armenia, which is bordered by Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, is one of the most popular travel destinations for UAE residents. The world’s first Christian country has a rich history and heritage that predates most European countries. The country is home to incredible cultural attractions such as museums, concert halls, theatres, and ancient monasteries.

If you are a UAE citizen, you do not need to worry for a visa because you can obtain one upon arrival with a validity of 180 days.


Ever heard of a heaven on earth that is just over 4.5 hours away from Dubai? Yes, you guessed correctly, it is the Maldives. This tropical island destination is filled with exotic beaches and ravishing resorts where you can have the perfect vacation in the Maldives.

This island archipelago can be visited by both UAE citizens and residents with a visa on arrival valid for 30 days.

5.Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fantastic holiday destination with a plethora of options for visitors to explore. It is a place that astounds with magnificent architecture and natural beauty, providing one of the best travel experiences. The location is well-known for its exotic nightlife and daring adventures. It is home to Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, the Avenue of Stars, and Disney Land, all of which should not be missed when visiting Hong Kong.

If you are a UAE citizen, you can easily obtain a visa from UAE and stay for up to 30 days. Egyptians, Jordanians and Filipinos can obtain a visa on arrival as residents.


Singapore is a world-class travel destination that has everything you need for a perfect vacation. The country has it all, from breathtaking architecture to exotic wildlife. It is also well-known for its shopping malls and outdoor activities. The vibrant nightlife and exotic islands will enlighten your soul.

If you are a UAE national, you can obtain a visa on arrival that is valid for 30 days. In the case of UAE residents, Indians can obtain an E-visa and Sri Lankans and Filipinos can obtain a visa on arrival.

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