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Monday, October 2, 2023
Lips shapes

When you are trying to determine any personal character, lips are considered as vital features, according to Physiognomists and scientists. Our thoughts are expressed through our words, and we also reveal some of our personality characteristics and psychological attributes.

Here we have decided to look at different lip shapes to check how accurately they affect the individual personal attributes.

Puffy lips – large:

People with large puffy lips are simple and made to take care of others. If you possess these kinds of lips, that means you might have spent a lot of your childhood time taking care of cats and helping them toward shelters to keep them safe. In any life situation, you might think of others first and then think of yourself. People with large puffy lips make the best parents.

Larger upper lip than lower ones:

We can say that people with larger upper lip are like drama queens. These people are charismatic, emotional, have a dramatic love life, and draw attention to them quickly. They think of themselves as very high and draw people toward these thinking soon. They love to become the center of attraction. They are the ones in the party who come with the funniest joke and striking turn of phrases.

Larger lower lip than the upper lip:

People with larger lower lips are not born for office work. How can someone stay in the office when there are lots of things attracting outside the window?  These people truly know how to have fun and what it means to have fun. They are always in need of an active lifestyle, make new acquaintances, visit new places and make positive impressions. If you are one of those, you might be curious, a social person, and open to trying new things every day. These types of people can lead others to the path of new and exciting adventures.

A common type of lips:

common lips

People who have ordinary lips often spend their life very balanced; you follow common sense and resolve any issue placed in front of you. They are good listeners and take criticism lightly while respecting other people’s opinions. It is hard to make them made. With all these incredible character attributes, they know how to love, joke, and laugh.

Thin lips:

Thin lips mean a person is often a loner and likes this lonely feeling. They do not rely on others and can face any trouble alone. If you are among people with thin lips, you might not like company and love visiting museums and going on holiday to distant places.

But that does not mean you do not appreciate good company. These people are quick to adjust to the group and love their actions of positivity.

Sharp philtrum on the upper lip:

The people with sharp philtrum on upper lips are creative. If you are the one, then you are mightily under the group of talented artists and musicians. These people have a good memory and know people by their names and faces instantly. They love to stay in touch and remain aware of what is going on at the other end. These are social, self-expression, and produce good results in work.

Upper lip without any philtrum:

People with no philtrum on upper lips are the reliable and most responsible people on earth. They always do the task even they get hurt in the process. For them, the word impossible is not found in their dictionary. Deadlines are not something which bothers them, because everything will be done on time. The people close to them know they are reliable people in any situation. These are the people who will show up and solve the problems in one go.

Puffy lips – Small:

People who have small puffy lips are often known as mischievous and coquettish type. Their priority is to make their feelings comfortable and think that if they do not look after them, then no one will. You might feel like a selfish person in first encounters, but it is not the reality.

They are devoted and compassionate people; they will notice the need for help and reach the very first moment. These people make sure to put other’s interests over anything, but they do not tend to hurt them in the process. For their excellent principles, people get along with them quickly.

Very thin lips:

People who have very thin lips possess unmatchable leadership qualities. It is like fire pumps in their body, then blood. There are great at convincing others and know how to stick with their intuitions. They are energetic, and it looks like the source of energy flows to others. These attributes make success guaranteed. But it makes them hard to find love because they aim to be someone rather than being with someone.

Different lips types
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