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Monday, October 2, 2023

I have been working as an entrepreneur and financial advisor for many years, and my journey is packed with many success stories. There were lucky days in my work when I got a hefty pay cheque, or I got something big according to my idea. All these success and hit ideas can easily make a man overwhelmed and proud.

There is an extensive list indeed, but nothing has made me prouder than my first payment of 100 $ online, and that’s only in twenty-four hours. When I earned 100 $ from Google, something just clicked into my mind. Of course, I was already making over six figures that time, but this 100 USD felt different.

These Dollars prove to be a game-changing movement, and I started my incredible journey of online earning.

Earn 100 $ with 21 unique ways:

Although it’s been a long time since my first cheque of 100 $ online, I have learned many years. I have learnt several techniques to earn online from that time. I am willingly sharing all of these strategies with you here – but first, let’s have a glimpse of me and my earning tale.

I started my online journey with my blog Good Financial Cents. My website made hundreds in passive income, but this was my first try to create a financial planning practise marketing tool.

That was the time when I had no idea about online marketing, SEO or social media tools. On the contrary, I know nothing about earning money online. Luckily, I had interactions with mentors, and they told me// taught me how to use my online work to make money.

It was a massive change in my mindset because earning money was possible only with getting more clients. Who knew that I would switch my real job with a full-time blogging job for income?

So this was my background story – let’s delve into ways to earn active or passive income online. If you are willing to achieve at least 100 $ a day and looking for methods to achieve something big in spare, worry not. Check these remarkable twenty-one ways to earn 100 $ a day.

  1. Google AdSense:

When I began my blogging journey, there were lots of restrictions on me as a financial advisor. So I was left by only one way to monetize, and that was Google AdSense.

When you have a strategy to earn money, sign up with Google. It will provide you with a code that you have to copy and paste on your website. Afterwards, Google will do the rest. You will get paid on every click on the ad or when someone makes purchases.

Once I signed up, I got my first 100 $ in three months. It was remarkable, and people kept asking me how I earned through AdSense as A financial advisor ads were mostly about financial stuff and items. If you have a different niche, it might take a little longer to get your first 100 $ cheque.

  1. Text Links:

I earned my second 100 $ with text links. If you do not know anything about it, click on any article with highlighted words on the web. By clicking on the terms, it will redirect to another website. When I came across this strategy, the companies were paying $100 to $1000 on linking your website to their website.

I earned hundreds by placing those links into my blogs, and only a few companies kept me packed. Although, I did not know about Google regulations which clearly say that selling text links are not authorized.

If someone is caught doing so, their website will tank for a long time. That is why it is not an excellent long-lasting monetizing strategy. Try it once in a while, but overdoing it will cost hard.

  1. Posts with sponsorship:

Sponsored posts can make you lots of money. It is like writing a blog or article for someone’s service and blog. They will pay you for it. For example, I made 100 to 200 USD for every post on Good Financial Cents and raised my rates with time.

Alexis Schroeder, a financial expert, frequently earned three thousand dollars with her sponsored posts. The earning depends on web traffic on your site. You can even make in five figures or more with a single sponsored post.

You can also earn by sponsoring posts- and my advice would be that work only with companies you feel good about and love to promote them. Promoting the stuff you are not interested in or feel is not worth the disinterest might be evident in your posts. It will also affect your long term growth of the business.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money online; when I added affiliate links to my posts, the income increased in a prominent way just in weeks.

As a financial advisor, I worked on affiliate niches like online banks and financial tools. These companies pay a lot when you are promoting them via affiliate links. You can work in different niches, and the scale of earning will be different. Some brands pay you more than a hundred dollars per sale, and some pay little. More or less, when you are spending your time on an affiliate, it will earn you money.

You can check Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who is behind Making Sense of Cents blogs. She is the founder of the Making Sense Affiliate program, and with her course sales and website, she is earning six figures.

  1. Display the ads:

It is similar to Google AdSense, but your reader does not need to click on them to earn you money. It is like billboards on your website. Every time someone visits your website and views them, you will get a chance to make it.

You will get paid based on the number of times your ads got the views, whether they clicked on it or not. It is a good choice for people who have good website traffic.

  1. Writing as a freelance:

You can earn online as a freelance writer –if you are looking forward to online money with active work. You will also get exposure to other websites with your writing skills.

As for me, I have written my first article at a one hundred and fifty dollars rate. It was not a huge amount, but it let me improve my writing skills and get my name out in the big leagues. Now, I am not used to writing as much as a freelancer, but I know that they earn from two hundred and fifty dollars upwards.

I know a few freelancers who are earning six figures by active writing every year. Like Holly Johnson is earning around two hundred thousand as a freelance writer. He also offers the course for people who want to start their freelancing journey.

  1. Get new clients for business:

You can get help from your online presence to get new clients. My idea was to make my website grow as a marketing tool for my financial practice and planning. It was quite a successful idea as my online presence was strong enough.

If you are running a service-based business then, start a blog and build your solid virtual presence. It will help you get new customers and make loyal clientage. It is more fun and productive than old ways of calling and holding seminars.

  1. Coaching people:

If you are an expert in some field, you can use the internet platform to start a coaching venture. For me, I plunged into this business accidentally. I was building my brand and blog when several people started reaching me and seeking guidance on starting a successful business. They wanted to learn how I did it and apply the same ideas to their online venture. Initially, I offered free advice, and then I started charging for my services.

The earning amount, once again, depends on the niche type. Recent statistics executive coaches can earn you 325 $, and business coaching earn you around 235$ hourly. Likewise, life coaches make 160 $ hourly.

So, if you are an expert in what you do and people ask for your advice, then charge people for it and earn.

  1. Sell Leads:

After spending years into my first site, I started a second one known as Life Insurance by Jeff.  Our agenda was to build leads for our site, but there came a time when we could not handle so many leads to ourselves.

At that time, we found insurance companies that were ready to pay for leads through my website. Every lead paid me around thirty-five to one hundred dollars. And that was an eye-opener for us as we never knew it was possible.

Remember that many companies are willing to pay for leads. Life Insurance or not, work on generating leads and work with companies you want.

  1. Sell digital products:

There are tons of digital products, and yet you will have room for more. For instance, when you sign up for my Make 1K challenge, I will guide you on earning one thousand dollars. You can go for seven dollars upgrade, which includes behind the scene video and PDFs. It is not a lot of money, but it helped me earn more than 1500 USD per month as a passive online income.

Another example is selling printables. Many new people in business develop digital items for the customers, and they can print them at their residential place or in the office. Many bloggers have their meal plans, budget templates and checklists. You can visit for more examples.

  1. Courses online:

You can sell digital products created already, and you can also build a new one yourself. It can be a video series on teaching some new stuff or a PDF document. You can make the one that suits your venture. Ensure that they sell the high-quality material only for stable growth. Once you sell a low-quality product, you will lose your reputation badly.

In my post on YouTube, I have shared that famous YouTubers have their courses. For example, Graham Stephan earns in hundred by selling his courses on real estate. You will find many like this example online.

  1. Gains by Investments:

Try to set up a virtual brokerage account and buy stocks or ETFs. I made one hundred dollars per day with this strategy for a long time. It was one of my favorite passive incomes.

Ensure that you are investing in traditional manners and have an online business to boost it up. Open an account in TD Ameritrade or with Scottrade or any other which you find reliable. There are many ways to invest that it is hard to find an excuse not to do so.

  1. Lending (Peer-to-Peer Lending):

The method helps me make lots of money for many years. Websites like Lending Club let borrowers and lenders connect on the site and mutually benefit from transactions. You can invest in methods like crowdsourced loans and borrow money from anywhere in the USA. Returns are higher on these platforms, and you can use the money to build more income and help someone out in the procedure.

There are lots of peer-to-peer lending online platforms, and according to David Gallan the best among them are Upstart, Funding Circle, Lending Club and Prosper.

  1. Real Estate investment – Crowdfunding:

You can invest in real estate as I do, and there are many websites related to it. I like as it lets you add money and professionals will spend money on your behalf, and you will get your share. Therefore, if you are looking forward to investing money without fussing about the landlord, it will prove to be an incredible way. You can start earning from five hundred dollars.

  1. Sponsored social shares:

You can share and sponsor posts on social media like your sponsored posts on blogs. Share the sponsored shares on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform.

I do not do much of this stuff, but my spouse earns a remarkable amount by posting images and talking about rugs, clothes and furniture items. You will be surprised to know that people will pay you a lot for these types of posts.

  1. Sell items online:

My wife loves to sell stuff online and make money online through it. She sells things on Facebook groups. For instance, recently, she has sold a wooden hutch someone gave her as a sponsored item.

Suppose you want some items you want to sell and can spend some time on Facebook to create ads or a website; then start doing it today. You can sell stuff and earn fast money online!

  1. Sell physical products:

It is another venture of my wife. She and her partner had some subscription ox products, and they had around a thousand customers who were paying for these cute boxes. Every box cost thirty-five USD, and they were earning in hundreds. Eventually, they shut down the business as she was overwhelmed by all of it. Still, it’s an excellent way to make money online.

Many YouTubers sell physical products like Jeffrey Star, make fun gears and sell them at online stores. Visit Etsy and find many entrepreneurs who are making homemade products and selling them online.

These products let you earn money; you can explore products and see what you can sell. You can be dropshipping products or market them as an affiliate. Moreover, try to come with your products for more profit.

  1. Ads on YouTube:

I have been a Youtuber since 2011, but I never turned on ads before 2017 as I did not know its worth. After turning ads on, I started earning from five to six thousand dollars every month. It is easy to make money with YouTube ads. All you need is to turn it on every time you publish a video. You will earn more when you have strong viewership.

  1. Create and sell websites:

People create websites and sell them for numerous reasons. You can buy some good websites and earn passive money online with time.

I have also bought many websites over time, like I have not worked on them since then, yet it helps me earn around 100 USD to 150 USD every month. You can check our current sites for sale on

  1. Sponsor Brands:

Sponsorships help earn money in the long terms, it is like sponsored posts, but much more is involved in the procedure. Some brands are willing to pay for sponsorship packages, including sponsored posts and shares, videos, written content, etc.

I have been through that phase, it earns you money, but it’s a bit complicated. Yet, if you have the guts to jump in and have superior follower numbers, then go ahead.

  1. eBooks or Books?

Have you ever written a book or considered it? I was once known as Soldier of Finance many years back and still earning by selling its copies. My YouTube channel growth has been a big help in that, and I am always thankful for it.

The good thing about eBook is that you can write them once and sell as many copies as you want throughout the year. You can start writing on the topics you wish to, like hobbies, ideas, or channels and publish them online to earn money for years.


There are many ways to earn money online, but it does not include all the tracks. For instance, we have not touched on strategies like retail arbitrage, Facebook ads, membership groups, etc.

Remember that if you want to earn side money, think of all the various ways to make money online and get started. You might not find the method interesting, but yet they make money. There is one guarantee from my side, start earning online, and you will not regret the decision.

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