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Monday, October 2, 2023

Marketing is the key for any business to flourish and succeed. Marketing helps in making the customers aware of the products or the services and influences the customer to buy the product or availing the service. In addition, marketing also helps businesses or brands to create and maintain their relevance, reputation and being part of the competitive market. Marketing has always been part of a business plan and it is assumed that the better the marketing strategies the better the chances of a business to survive, grow, and create a reputed image. Of late, Video Marketing Mailers are a new inclusion in the marketing strategy and seem to have been very helpful and mention-worthy.

Over the last few decades, with the introduction and popularity of the internet, the digital marketing strategy has managed to bring significant brand growth and business establishment. Digital Marketing, however, is an extensive field with a large area to cover and many ways to work with. From social media marketing to email marketing to content marketing etc., all these have a significant role to play in the growth of a business. However, in this post, we will post exclusively on Video Marketing Mailers and how it benefits a business.

What is video email marketing?

This is a marketing strategy in which HTML 5 videos, GIFs, static images with a play button, etc. are embedded with emails as a means to increase subscriber engagement. It generally introduces the concept of adding videos to email campaigns to help them stand out in the receiver’s inbox.

The practice of video email marketing helps to showcase the values of a business in a visual form to make it more effective and captivating. Adding videos to the already existing email campaigning would help to upgrade the marketing strategy and help to add value to the efforts. Video email marketing can be in the form of promotional emails, newsletters, nurturing emails, etc.

Benefits of video email marketing:

When considering including videos in your email marketing strategies, you may have already understood the potential that these video campaigns have and how they can improve email marketing performance. Videos are one of the most engaging and versatile media to promote a brand by using the tools like storytelling, or brand advertisement. Some other benefits of embedding a video in an email thread are as follows:

  • It helps in improving the email open rate. When embedding a video in an email, surprisingly enough it helps in increasing the rate of opening the email by 7 to 13% more than the general email opening rates. So, when including a video in an email, it is better to mention the same in the subject lines to grab the receiver’s attention.
  • When a video with a message from the brand is used for the promotional campaign, it helps in creating trust and building credibility among the customers. Humanizing the videos and creating personalized video emails help in creating a connection with the audience or the customer.
  • Embedding videos in the email marketing strategy have witnessed better conversion and click-through rates. Apart from increasing the click-through rates, Video Marketing Mailers have the potential to reduce the unsubscription rates by a significant amount.
  • In recent years, social media is a significant and popular tool that can be used widely to share interesting and appealing stuff. The inclusion of brand videos in email can find a place in the digital space and can help in promoting the brand or the business across platforms. Since the current generation deeply relies on social platforms and stuffs like videos and images, this could be a great way of promoting the brand and building a connection with potential customers.
  • As already mentioned, videos are found to be more engaging and appealing and so find more sharing rates. The more the sharing, the more it brings customer engagement to the brand. A good and inspirational video has the potential to trigger the emotions of the customers which in return help in getting the video shared and liked across platforms, thus increasing the brand’s audience engagement.
  • Video email marketing can be a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and help in getting the business noticed. It helps in building customer loyalty and cultivating leads for the business.

When marketing or specifically video marketing is concerned it is recommended to include a professional individual or company to look after the video email campaign for a professional and noteworthy representation. Every marketing campaign needs to be strategically planned to get the desired results. A well-created video with a directed message and brand awareness can do wonders for the business in terms of growth and success.

Final Word

Needless to say, the inclusion of Video Marketing Mailers in your marketing strategy is going to bring some amazing and lucrative benefits to the business. Visual contents are always more effective than written content as it has the potential to narrate the brand’s message and create emotional trust with the customers. It also helps to build brand credibility and awareness.

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