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Monday, October 2, 2023

UAE is the center of trade, recreation, and travel, where more international companies do business and establish their regional hubs. The UAE is increasingly seen diversifying the oil-based economy to the economics of knowledge-based innovation, awareness, and protection of intellectual property rights to be very important.

The United Arab Emirates traditionally became one of the Indian trading partners. Many multinational companies and their brands have developed in the country because of its possible and straightforward business transaction process.

Things to Know Before Moving For Trademark registration

As a civil law country, the UAE’s regulatory landscape has several similarities to that of China. As a result, companies wishing for company formation in UAE and across the region face several unique obstacles, including language issues and unregistered rights enforcement, to name a few. Foreign participants may need to consider cultural aspects of doing business in the area.

There are five things you should know about trademark protection in the UAE:

  • Appreciate the Cost of Not Registering

In 2019, the United Arab Emirates government slashed the price of trademark protection by more than $ 900 per application. The registration fee in the UAE is still the most expensive in the world, and it is made even more difficult because it is a one-tier jurisdiction. However, it may be a false saving not to register as there are cases where the trademark’s rightful owner has been the subject of criminal proceedings where a third party has misused the trademark and then took action against a legal product.

  • Take Religious consideration into account.

As an Islamic State, you may find that branding, marketing initiatives, or even the product itself need to be adjusted so as not to violate local cultural values. For example, it may not be possible to protect trademarks for alcohol-related or pork products or services. You may also need to change brands that are deemed insensitive, abusive, or religious. Care must be taken to ensure that you can register, use and sell your trademark without publication.

  • Know Everything about the local market

In general, to do business in the UAE, you will most likely need a local partner, be it a dealer, franchisor, licensee, or sponsor of your local business. It would be best if you considered authorizing and registering your primary trademark before speaking to a third party. Many cases where potential business partners had registered a trademark when they discovered that the trademark owner had not.

  • Make Trademark in Arabic

Registering a trademark with the English symbol does not automatically protect the trademark from using or writing the same or similar trademark in Arabic. Consider registering important trademarks in Arabic to (a) prevent and (b) protect unwanted third-party registrations.

Protect the use of the Arabic version of the brand. Almost all products and inscriptions have English and Arabic trademarks.

  • Look for Enforcement Options

Registration allows you to reduce costs and make administrative or enforcement options more efficient. Without registration, you tend to limit yourself to one civil action in UAE courts.

With the UAE and the rest of the region becoming increasingly important to brand owners, brand owners need to protect their brands here – otherwise, a third party can do it! Registration is relatively expensive, but not registering can be the ultimate fake deposit if it keeps you from doing business.


Brand registration for your brand is an essential component of today’s competitive market. As there are many companies doing business in the UAE market, it is essential to protect your company’s assets such as brand names, signatures, statements, numbers, letters, graphics, logos, stamps, advertisements, and any registered trademarks in the UAE.

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