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Monday, October 2, 2023

Let me say something from the start: If you are looking for a Typist job where you have a boss who lets you work from home, then stop right now looking at this page. I am sorry to say that you are going to be disappointed. There are only a very few instances where your current boss would let you work from home doing typing work, or if you are very lucky you will find that type of job through a friend or colleague. I know the hype that is on the Internet, and I know the truth! But if you don’t believe me and are convinced such jobs do exist on the Internet, then please bookmark this page so you can come back and read the truth.

The Type At Home Scam

Don’t waste your time looking on the Internet for work at home typing jobs. Advertisements on the Internet for at home typing jobs are almost guaranteed to be scams. One of the most common scams is that you will be asked a certain amount of money; in return, they will send you a list of companies who might or might not have employed typists in the past, with no guarantee that there will be employment now. Another common scam is that you will be given information concerning freelance work for which you can then submit a bid where you will be in a bidding war against thousands of other people.

Legitimate Typing At Home

Opportunities for work at home typist positions have always been in demand. Due to advances in technology and word processors finding a legitimate home typing job in today’s market it very hard to find. Word processing software has reduced the need for a skilled typist. The need for individuals to hand type each address label or envelope has decreased. I do not know of anyone who cannot type, including my six-year-old grandson. Once authors would hire someone to transcribe handwritten notes onto a typed page, but now everything is done on a word processor program and there is no longer a need for this type of typing.

On one side of the coin, all of this is bad news for those seeking to make some extra income from typing at home; on the other side, you no longer have to do this type of work for next to nothing in pay. Been there, done that! Don’t feel as though there are no opportunities for you to use your typing skills; there are plenty of opportunities online to use not only your typing skills but also your brain! The easiest work at home opportunities for your typing skills is Online Surveys, eBay is extremely popular, online data entry, affiliate marketing can bring in some excellent income and is available to typist worldwide. If you are ambitious enough there are even programs that will show you step by step how to achieve your goals through Internet Marketing.

Work at Home Typing on the Internet

Typing at home on the Internet is a diverse and interesting way for home typists to use their skills on a self-employed basis. You can take control of your financial future and be your boss with a wide variety of Internet-based work at home opportunities. Most of the work at home opportunities listed here have a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and rewarding new career to gain. The typists’ works at home opportunities appraised by us have been thoroughly screened for legitimacy. They have been selected because they offer home-based work opportunities to allow anyone with basic typing skills and a bit of intelligence the chance to have their own online home business. PLEASE REALIZE THESE ARE NOT TYPING JOBS! Students, stay-at-home moms, retirees, out of work individuals will find a work at home opportunity from our wide selection of work at home ideas

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