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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Owing to the increasing popularity of bald hairstyles over recent years, there’s been a major outbreak in the variety of shaving products available in the market. Bald is no longer associated with aging or shame. Rather, people are embracing baldness and sporting the bold-bald look in style! This fashion trend has created the demand for new and quality shaving products for an effortless head shave. Various grooming brands are coming up with their exclusive range of head shaving products that guarantee premium shaving experiences. Out of the many shaving essentials, a bald head shaver happens to be the most discussed one.

Modern head shaver or traditional razor, which is better? Well, you must have come across this debate quite often while browsing for head-shaving products. People’s opinion on this differs significantly and so does their preference. But is there a clear winner in this debate? This question is quite head-spinning and has no conclusive answer to it as such. Like most head shaving products, choosing the ideal shaving tool is a personal choice. You may find a number of articles and blogs that enlist the features and benefits of using both these head-shaving tools. While some may promote the usage of traditional razors, others highlight the upgraded features of a modern head shaver. Nevertheless, how to decide which is the best one? There’s one simple way to do so i.e. consider what you want from your shave.

It is often observed that shaving is a very personal regime wherein people’s preferences vary significantly. For instance, some people like to enjoy a proper refreshing head shave that involves using lather, pre-shave, etc. On the other hand, there are many who like to keep their grooming schedule quick and effortless. They are in search of smart digital devices that can ease their shaving schedule. To conclude, deciding the best head shaving tool is all about considering your own requirements and preferences. While both modern and traditional head shavers have their pros and cons, none is perfect for all.

The 4 key factors to consider while choosing an ideal head shaving tool are discussed as follows:

  • Budget

 Considering the money you are willing to spend on buying a shaving tool can ease your confusion to a great extent. The price of a modern head shaver differs significantly from that of manual razors. However, utility and product life plays a vital role here. Although the upfront cost of modern head shavers is high, they last longer without requiring any frequent blade replacements. On the other hand, manual razors are priced lower upfront but replacement blades and additional products can add up in the long run. Hence, consider the initial as well as long-term costs before making a buying decision.

  • Shave type

Again, preference plays a major role when deciding on the ideal head shaving tool. A manual razor is perfect for those who prefer the closest shave while not bothering about a few cuts or spending money on additional products. Contrarily, if you are looking for an efficient and versatile tool that will assure a quick, smooth, and effortless shave, a modern bald head shaver is your pick! Shaving type and quality are two distinguishing factors between a modern head shaver and a manual razor. Also, it is important to note that modern head shavers facilitate both wet and dry shaves whereas, with manual razors, a wet shave is the only way to go.

  • Time

Time is another essential factor that can help you in picking the right head shaving tool. Generally speaking, a modern head shaver ensures a quick head shave rather than manual razors wherein one has to go through the time-consuming process of wet shaving. In the case of an electric head shaver, since both wet and dry shaves are possible, one can easily adjust their grooming time as per their schedule. Flexibility is an added advantage while using modern head shavers. So, if you are one of those who prefer and have the time for a traditional wet shaving routine, manual razors can work for you. However, those in a hurry should always opt for a more flexible tool i.e. electric head shaver.

  • Skin Type

Since scalp surface is quite delicate and sensitive, they are prone to frequent razor burns and bruises. Hence, it is essential to consider your skin type before making a decision. People with sensitive skin should be aware of using sharp razor blades as they can cause severe rashes and irritation. Using manual razors in such cases will demand pre and post-shave preparations that include applying pre-shave oil, lathering foam, antiseptics, etc. This can increase your budget and make head shaving a time-consuming process. Surprisingly, modern electric head shavers are safe for people with sensitive skin and do not require any extra care or prep. 

Bottom Line

Choosing the ideal head shaving tool is essential for a smooth and seamless head shaving experience. Since modern head shavers are an upgrade to traditional razors, their pros outweigh the practicality and convenience offered by manual razors. However, it is completely on you to decide. Considering what you expect from your shave is the most important aspect. Try assessing the above-discussed factors before picking the ideal head shaver.

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