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Monday, October 2, 2023
Look without make up

The natural-looking face is always trendy. Nowadays girls are putting so much makeup on their face but making sure it does not look like they are wearing at all. But you do not need to do so anymore because we have gathered the tips which will help in how to look great without makeup.

Here are the ten simple tricks you can follow and get a shiny glowing and fresh look whenever you go out. And it is all possible without using any cosmetics on your face. So let’s get started

1.     Perfect eyebrows:

Eyes are the center of attraction and without makeup eyebrows inevitably become prominent. That is why shape your eyebrows according to your face. You can dye them with dye or henna to look more unique and attractive. Ensure that the color matches your hair color. If your eyebrows are not thick try to use a mixture of castor oil and Vitamins to your eyebrows daily. Within few weeks you will get an amazing transformation.

2.     Highlight Eyes:

You can make your eyes look wider with the eyelash curler and then apply the gel on it. If your eyelashes are thin you can use eyelash extensions.

Dark circles do not look good get rid of them by reconsidering your diet. Dark circles can mean a deficiency of Vitamin B and iron. Make sure you are eating red meat and liver to eliminate the deficiency.  You can opt for the whitening eye creams that contain retinol. Also, go for cold compresses with green tea and mint. It will lighten the dark circles and eventually you will get rid of them.

3.     White teeth:

A bright smile means attractive-looking you. Make sure that there is nothing that is preventing you from looking that attractive. Use whitening toothpaste, particularly when you drink coffee or wine. Make sure you are not using toothpaste so much as it can lead to harsh side effects. If you have naturally grey or yellow teeth get yourself professional help to whiten them.

4.     Make your lips attractive:

Moisturizing, exfoliation, and nutrition are as necessary for the lips as it is for your face. Use lip balms that are natural like, olive oil or any other natural oil. Massage your lips at least once a week with a soft truth brush with your fingers. You can moisten them with and dip your lips in the sugar before doing it.

5.     Take good care of your heart:

A haircut which was done a long time before and dull hair do not really go with the make-up free looks. Try to choose some natural hairstyle and natural hair color, as unnatural colors do not go with a natural look. Make sure you get a cut regularly for split ends. Try to use products that provide heat production and do not go for extreme styling every time you go out. Use oil for massages like coconut oil which offers glow to the skin. The oil helps to find dandruff, dryness, and many other hair issues. Rinse your hair with boiled herbal extracts like oak and sage brunettes and linden for blondes. It also makes hair shiny and healthy.

6.     Sunscreen is a must:

Sunscreen is a must when you go out. The UV rays cause premature aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. It can also lead to skin cancer, and it can also darker the color. The products with SPF should be used throughout the year not only on a sunny day at the beach.

7.     Focus on Skin

According to cosmetologists, people should not wash their faces more than two times a day. The best time to wash your face is before going to the bed. Cleanse your face with cleansing milk and ice cubes, and lotion. Do not rub your face too much in the process as it can be quite harsh.

Make face masks like white face clay masks as they can be useful for the face. If your face is too sensitive then gently exfoliate by using different scrubs.

8.     Get proper sleep

A night of proper sleep for around 7 to 9 hours keeps you healthy and makes your skin stay in perfect condition. Go to bed after 11 because the body produces beauty hormones melatonin. Make sure you sleep on the back to reduce the chances of premature wrinkles.

9.     Focus on the Diet:

The skin condition and diet have a deep connection. A healthy diet ensures healthy skin.  Fish and vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, etc are essential food. The food items are a source of fatty acids, Vitamin E, and carotenes which are excellent weapons to fight against any skin-related health issues. Dairy Products are also the key to healthy microflora which makes our skin glow.

10.                       Choose the right colors:

Choose the right colors for your clothes and it will make your skin look better and shiner. The right clothing hides flaws and makes you look more confident and expressive. Face without foundation makes you look paler, and wearing dark shades can make you look duller. Wear white as it is the best option with the skin without makeup. Choose pure colors like blue turquoise, emerald, and peachy. It is best if you choose the colors according to your style and your personality.

So try these and tell us what the difference you felt yourself is. Also, share your secret to glow without makeup in comments!

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