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Monday, October 2, 2023

The all-inclusive holidays in caribbean are not only for summers of wild holidays in the islands of holidays or tourist excursions to the most famous places in the country. A trip to the cosmopolitan capital, Athens, is ideal for tourists who enjoy a cheap Caribbean vacations all inclusive jazz nights at acropolis, or a few nights in one of the many different places in the city. The eclectic choice of genres and musical venues ranges from the blatantly modern to the spectacular and everything in between. When it comes to starting a night, there is a place that is literally above all others, Orizondes Lykavitou, a restaurant opened by the famous Greek chef Yannis Geldis.

Night air

The restaurant has views of the city that encompass some of its main historical sites, such as the Acropolis, which can be seen from the bar and the rest area at the top of the hill. You can reach the Lycabettus Hill restaurant on a cable car, another spectacular and memorable excursion in caribbean holidays. When it comes to a pleasant evening, clubbers who want to go out to eat outdoors to party can go to Inoteka. Located in one of the old flea markets of the city, the Inoteka inner area plays the best electro pop while the quieter outdoor tables are good for clubbers who want to enjoy the night air.


Bios are another of the city’s fashionable electronic stores. Clubbers will love the relaxed atmosphere and should try to get a program of events, as they include alternative concerts and theatrical performances in cheap caribbean vacations all inclusive jazz nights at acropolis. The club has large open spaces that act as art galleries and photo exhibitions, as well as club nights for locals who enjoy their electronics. Visitors who are familiar with London’s Hoxton will really enjoy a night on the threadbare sofas in a relaxed atmosphere with a Greek touch.

The Mikes Irish bar has a totally different offer for those looking to enjoy a cheap caribbean vacations all inclusive jazz nights at acropolis. The drinkers have the option of spending an afternoon watching European football in the best leagues across the continent, or grabbing the microphone and singing their favorite songs. Although karaoke is available everywhere in the Greek islands, it is still a novelty in the capital. The diversity of music in Athens goes even further with places that offer everything from jazz to rock music.

When it’s not raining, caribbean is the perfect city for long walks and hikes. Almost everything is within walking distance. Although there is a bus system, I never took it because it was never necessary. It is a mountainous city, but up and down the cobblestone streets, steep and winding cobblestone allows you to really experience the feeling of the city. It allows the imagination to visualize on foot this picturesque ancient city in past centuries. It is an incredible feeling.

It seems that there are innumerable parks throughout the city, and all are surrounded by the intense green of nature.

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