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Monday, October 2, 2023

Most Pet Owners with large breed puppies are advised by their Vets to ensure their furry friends are given lesser quantities of protein as compared to the counts found in the popular brands of packaged dog food formula. However, though many pet owners believe that high protein counts may be essential for the proper growth and development of their dogs, medical advice regarding this belief is quite clear on the fact that for certain large breed puppies, dogs with heart problems or canines diagnosed with kidney problems, high protein counts may cause further complications.

Thus, these Dogs in the above categories must avoid regular intake of High Protein because their joints and bones may suffer Developmental Defects, and they could also develop health complications like Hip or Elbow Dysplasia or even Excessive Uremic Toxin counts, etc.

Some Dogs excrete toxins in the urine; these toxins build up over time when the Dog’s Kidneys are not functioning properly. Toxins are released when the system cannot process proteins in the Blood Efficiently. So, reducing the amount of protein the dog eats helps the kidneys work better. The only way to keep this quantity of protein low is to feed the dog a low protein Dog Food.

Factors To Look For In A Low Protein Dog Food Variety

It is not enough to look for and buy low protein dog food. The animal must be fed a Good Quality Dog Food.
Pet food that is high in phosphorous will lead to an imbalance in the potassium and calcium levels in the animal. While a branded and well-known variety of dog food may have a low level of protein, it should be ascertained that the proteins are Easily Digestible. Some proteins are not easy to extract by the digestive system and this leads to a build-up of protein in the system. Your vet should be able to determine which low protein canine food is best suited for your pet. So don’t forget to consult him or her, before purchasing a preferred brand of dog food with lowered protein counts for your dog’s optimum healthcare management.
A good low protein canine food will have no Unnatural Preservatives and ingredients. These are unnecessary toxin generators and they lead to overworking the already deteriorating kidneys and livers of the animal.
In addition to the above factors, a quality product tagged as a low protein dog food should have a high concentration of vitamin D3 as well as good levels of calcium since a dog is unable to absorb calcium in this state. Low levels of calcium can lead to fractures of the dog’s bones.
Finally, remember that it is not advisable to try to make individual decisions when it comes to dealing with a dog that requires a special diet such as a low protein dog food. Let the vet decide this crucial subject and direct you to the most appropriate dog food in the market. The vet will understand the number of proteins, calcium, and vitamins the food contains and pet owners must understand that an overdose or under-dose will not do the animal any good. So, take the problem to the dog health experts and let them sort it out – that’s what they are there for

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