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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Do you know which cologne lingers more on your skin the longest? Do you surmise aftershave is a good substitute for a fragrance? They are often available in sporty scents with citrusy top notes. They are best used for post workout or on casual weekends.  Do you know which cologne fragrances are best for work, play or seduction? Keep reading as we divulge all.

Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette Men’s Cologne

This cologne smells exactly like;  Masculine bergamot, pepper, and breezy sunshine. One of the most well liked and top selling men’s cologne picks for the year, Sauvage is powerful and noble and a genius mix of all things blue sky, rugged mountains, and soft grass.  While a distinctive scent it’s perfect for those calming spring days and nights without vital force overpowering.

Chanel ‘Bleu de Chanel’  

It smells like mixture of;  Wood, crisp citrus, fresh and clean. This is one of the latest best-selling men’s colognes this year.  It’s a quintessential fragrance option when you’re transitioning seasons, but could still be worn all year round.  We love how they brilliantly blend woodsy and citrus notes to totally complete this must-try fragrance.

New Maison Margiela Replica ‘Sailing Day’

New Maison Margiela cologne for men smells like:  Iris, aquatic accord, and coriander.  

This one is absolutely fresh, clean, calm, and smooth.  We are obsessed with it this season and it truly is best for the spring, summer, and even early fall.  It’s light, distinctive, and puts us in the best mood ever.  You will not be disappointed. 

Creed ‘Aventus’ Cologne for Men

This smells like; Bergamot, apples, birch, jasmine, musk, and vanilla.  A favorite cologne of 2019, Aventus is actually the best selling cologne for the Creed brand in its unique history.  A bit on the pricey side, it’s still equally worth it because, well, you’re worth it.  It lasts long throughout the day without overpowering and you don’t really need many sprays; it’ll last a bit longer than some of your other favorite colognes

Scentbird Cologne Monthly Subscription Box

If you’re not ready to buy to an entire bottle of new cologne; you can now sample the latest scents each and every month.  Here’s how it works;

You can now choose from more than 150 major cologne brands like Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Tom Ford, Acqua di Parma, Coach and so many more.  Each month you’ll receive your new fragrances of colognes for you to test out.  They provide enough cologne so that it’ll last you the entire month.. Even better; Perfect for you or a great gift idea when you have no clue what to get him.

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Mixtures of;  Bergamot, cinnamon, leather, grapefruit, and pink pepper. Its top selling cologne for 3 years in a row, everyone seems to be obsessed with Spicebomb and not just because of how cool the bottle is.  It’s addictive, spicy, and zesty all at the same time.  This is the type of cologne that’s totally reassure and distinctive enough to turn some heads, grabs some encomium; and just overall makes you feel good.  Nothing kicks off the change of seasons and the cooler temps quite like the Spicebomb.

 Clean Shower Fresh This is another must-try and this is our overall favorite cologne for men, Shower Fresh by CLEAN is just that.  Totally unsullied  It’s like a shower in a bottle.  It’s totally refreshing, energizing, and really helps to wake you up in the morning.  We almost guarantee you’ll get a compliment each and every time you wear it. 

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