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Thursday, December 7, 2023
Chubby face

Work out is part of the lives of most people, but we all neglect the importance of face exercises. The face needs some exercise to stay in the shape. Genetics plays a vital role in face shape, and few people are blessed with sharp cheekbones like Angelina Jolie, but a facial exercise will help you in shaping your cheeks beautifully.

Here you will find how to lose chubby cheeks with 9 incredible exercises, and you look more defined and attractive.

1.     Duck Face

Start by working on the central muscle of your cheeks. Pucker up the lips and repeatedly open and close them. Ensure that you are pushing your lips outward and have a tense face so the muscles work properly.

Repeat the exercise for 15 minutes

2.     Half Cringe:

Imagine something which makes you cringe like the name of the workout says. tense your neck muscles and push one mouth corner. If you see the lines on your neck that means you are doing it right.

Repeat the exercise fifteen times.

3.     Fish Face:

We all know how to make a funny face, and a fish pot face is popular these days with the selfie trend. It is the same, suck in your cheeks and pucker the lips. Then tilt your head to the back and suppose that you are going to touch the ceiling with your chin. It will put extra stress on the neck and chin muscles.

Hold to the position for ten seconds and repeat the exercise fifteen times

4.     Sculptor of Cheekbone:

Cheekbones that are high offer a more attractive and definitive look. To get into better shape open your lips in an oval smile while covering your teeth with the lips. Then put your fingers to the cheekbones and push upward to get a facial lift.

Hold to the position for thirty seconds.

5.     Close your eyes:

Do you know that closing your eyes helps in burning fats around the cheeks? Close your eyes as tight as you can and crunch your face until you feel tension around your face.

Stay in the position for three seconds and repeat fifteen times.

6.     Chin-Ups:

Your chin can do pushups like your body. All you need to do is push your lower lips upward to the upper ones and lift the chin high as much as you can.

Repeat the exercise fifteen times

7.     Side Kisses:

Imagine you are meeting your friends from France. Now pucker the lips as much as it is possible and move the lips to your right. Ensure that you are going from side to side and far as possible.

Repeat the exercise fifteen times

8.     Dropping Jaws:

Jaw-dropping is the greatest stretch to your face muscles. It is an effective fat burner. You can push your tongue against the back of the front teeth and drop the jaws as much as possible.

Repeat the exercise fifteen times

9.     Tongue Posture:

The tongue posture can be bad as our body. The wrong posture affects our facial appearance, and we might get a double chin and chubby cheeks. Ensure that you are resting your teeth and tongue in the proper position. Make sure that the tongue rest against the mouth roof and teeth slightly touching to it.

So do you have any tips? Did you follow any of these remarkable tips? Which one went well on your chubby face? Comment your favorite one and share your secrets of losing chubby cheeks in comments.

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