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Monday, October 2, 2023

Do you tend to feel a bit down towards the end of summer? You’re not alone – the so-called August blues are more common than you might think. And while some people are suffering from more serious cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder, most of us are just sad about the approaching end of those sunny weeks and precious vacation trips.

So instead of feeling glum about leaving all your summer adventures behind, why not turn those precious memories into something tangible, something you can enjoy throughout the year? We’ve rounded up the easiest ways to celebrate summer memories and fight the end-of-summer blues.

Create a Photo Book

Most of us take loads of photos every summer – but most of us then leave them hidden away on our smartphones, even though we know that browsing an image gallery on a tiny screen is hardly the best way to relive precious memories. Your photos deserve better – so why not consider creating a dedicated summer photo book showcasing the best pictures you took over the summer? It’s a great way to keep your own memories fresh, and also makes a marvelous gift for loved ones who can’t visit as often as you might like.

You can even combine your photos with other mementos of summer by creating a scrapbook. Include things like little seashells, decorative buttons, ribbons, event tickets, and any other items that symbolize the best of summer.

Give Your Home a Summer Decor Boost

Photo books are a great way to celebrate your summer memories, but most people don’t look through them that often. So if there’s a picture you especially love, why not turn it into wall decor – a custom poster or personalized canvas print, for example. These days custom prints are available at very accessible prices, so you can order as many prints as you like and rearrange them whenever you fancy a decor change.

Make the Most Important Moments Last Forever

Summer isn’t just the season of vacations – it’s also the time of weddings and graduation ceremonies. If you’ve been to one of these this summer, and you want to print pictures of the happy couple or proud graduate, you might want to consider print formats at the higher end of the scale.

Metal prints are a great choice here – elegantly slim and stylish, they come with UV protection that ensures a lifetime of premium performance. They’re perfect for summer photo prints, because the sleek aluminum panel brings out the beauty of every pixel and makes your photo even more vibrant and expressive.

Design a Summer-Themed Corner

Every empty nook in a house has hidden design potential that can be cultivated. If you have lots of summer-themed wall decor, photo books and mementos that showcase summer experiences from the past, why not display them all as one stylish arrangement in a corner of your living room?

If you can style the whole space to make a bold, coherent statement, it will inspire you throughout the whole year and ease those autumnal pangs. Don’t forget to put a comfy chair where you can sit and look through your summer photo books!

Create a Memory Box

Summer keepsakes – think souvenirs bought on vacation, music festival tickets, theme park guides and so on – deserve better than to be thrown away. You can preserve all your mementos in so-called summer memory boxes – special containers that will keep all those precious items safe and help you recall the good times whenever you want.

Consider decorating your memory box with some summer-themed cutouts, stickers and ribbons. And don’t hide your box away in storage space – you’ll want to display them on the shelves in the living room so your summer memories are always within arm’s reach!


Remembering the best summer moments needn’t be expensive or require advanced DIY skills – follow our recommendations and you’re sure to take some of the pain out of bidding summer goodbye!

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