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Monday, October 2, 2023

PMP or project management professional certification is a globally recognized certification that certifies a candidate’s potential to manage a professional project. The certificate validates that an individual has earned industry recognition to work and provide his/her input into project management. Earning a PMP certification helps an individual to be different from the crowd and attract attention from global organizations for their management skills. While being engaged in a PMP course the candidate is exposed to managing people, business priorities, projects, and the processes involved. Of late, the PMP Certification in Dubai is popular among future professionals and potential candidates who are looking for job opportunities.

By getting a PMP certification one can opt for organisational roles such as Project Management In Dubai, and get recognition and satisfaction from the career aspect. While PMP is quite a new addition to the professional education field, however, it has garnered popularity and approval in the corporate sector. Along with in-depth education on management, what recruiters look for is confidence and soft skills. From soft-skills development programs to administration and business management, from business communication to customer service, from emotional intelligence to finance and budgeting, from leadership and management to marketing PR and sales, and many more.

Let’s check out some of the advantages of getting a PMP certification:

  • Global Acceptance: With a PMP certification, you get exposure to know the global language of project management and thus pose the chance for employment across the globe. The course takes you through the relevant topics and makes you aware of the globally popular terms and terminologies so that you do not face any problems while working across various geographical locations.
  • Better salary packages: When you look at a job opportunity, what do you see? Undoubtedly, the package and the job role. Being a certified project manager, you are a higher chance of getting better opportunities and salary packages. Moreover, the PMP certificate can help you stand apart from others and attract greater opportunities, as you are more likely to be the first preference for the recruiters in comparison to a non-certified candidate.
  • Hands-on experience for skilling up: When enrolling on a PMP course, the scope for learning and skilling up accelerates. It allows you to learn and gain knowledge about new things. In addition, to acquire the certification you require to master the materials provided and grasp the fundamentals of the methodology in project management. The knowledge of the various project management tools, frameworks, and strategies helps in becoming a better project manager.
  • Enhances the CV: Your CV is the first thing that your recruiter will see and consider you for a particular role. With certifications along with the normal education, the CV looks decorated and projects you as a better candidate. Moreover, certificates always look good on CVs and attract recruiters by strengthening your CV for a potential job role.
  • Helps in creating a professional network: The PMP certification gives the benefit to connect with fellow PMP-certified candidates and you can create a network of people with similar educational backgrounds and career interests, which can be hugely beneficial in the long run. Whether you are looking for a shift in the job or are planning to start all by yourself, this network can be of utmost help. Just as when getting a PMP Certification in Dubai, you can try for yourself to build a strong network among fellow aspirants or people with similar credentials that can help in the future.
  • Demonstrate your Commitment: Getting a PMP certification is no child’s play and requires complete dedication and commitment throughout the course period. A PMP certificate demonstrates your hard work and commitment to work and thus can help advertise you as a hard-working individual. When recruiters recognise your PMP certificate they know that you are a dedicated, sincere, and hard-working individual.
  • Get recognised as an experienced professional: The PMP is a universally recognised certificate of excellence, that is accepted by every country and their working guidelines. This certificate adds value to your profile and makes you a potential candidate for promising job roles.

What is the PMP certification about?

The project management professional certification exam tests the candidates on certain objectives that can examine their skill and calibre in project management. There are five performance domains based on which a candidate is certified. These domains are: project initiation, project planning, project execution, monitoring and controlling the project, and project closure. These domains have specific weightage based on which the scores are allocated. The PMP examination is designed with 200 MCQs out of which 25 pilot questions do not count on the final score of the examination. Those questions are used to enhance the standard of the exam and are placed randomly throughout the question paper.

Final Word

Now that you know the benefits of getting a PMP certificate, you can decide for yourself. Opting for certification in Project Management in Dubai can allow you across the globe to work and gain experience and experience a career boost. So, what are you waiting for? Make your call today.

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