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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Every woman in the world struggles with losing belly fat for years after years. Still, it is one of the difficult things to get in good shape. Sometimes, when you try hard to be in good shape, a chocolate carving or scrumptious cupcake brought by your best friend starts looking irresistible for no reason.

We acknowledge the hardship of getting into shape, and it is hard to find time for you in a world full of competition. That is why we have enlisted few workouts that do not require much time, practice, and any special equipment. For example, you will need only five minutes daily to get a slim stomach.

  • Flutter Kicks:

How to do:

  • Lie on the yoga mat and keep your legs together. Afterward, extend them in front of you.
  • Lift your feet from the floor and move your legs up and down.
  • Repeat the exercise for fifteen minutes again.


The exercise is beneficial in many ways like:

  • It burns calories
  • It is excellent cardio exercise
  • melt belly fat
  • Improve the endurance
  • Strengthen the overall body.

Duration: Five minutes

  • Reverse Crunches

How to do:

  • Spread yoga mat and lay down straight on your back. Put legs up to the ninety-degree angle.
  • Place hands on the floor (flat and firm).
  • Pull hips and legs toward the ceiling and bring knees to the chest.
  • Repeat the exercise fifteen times. Take a pause and start again for 15 times more.


Reverse crunches will help you to:

  • The exercise is helpful to:
  • Tone lower abs muscles
  • Improve your posture
  • Activate abdominal muscles for better shape

Duration: Five minutes

  • Front kicks with lunges:

How to do:

  • Start with both feet.
  • Step back a little with one foot for a better lunge.
  • Go back to the previous position and swing the leg to complete a kick.
  • Go back to the starting position once again.
  • Repeat the exercise 15 times. Take a pause and repeat for 15 times again.


  • It is a cardio boost exercise
  • Improve the core stability
  • Increase overall flexibility
  • It helps to tone the glute muscles.

Duration: Five to seven minutes

  • Mountain climbing:

How to do:

  • Start with high plank status.
  • Place hands under the shoulders and extend legs behind.
  • Tuck the tailbone when you are engaged with core muscles.
  • Make sure your body is straight in line.
  • Bend on your knee and draw towards the chest. Afterward, straighten behind yourself and change sides.
  • Repeat it 15 times, then pause and start again for 15 times.


  • The Exercise is beneficial as:
  • It is a full-body workout
  • Engage upper body muscles
  • Burn calories fast
  • Improve overall mobility

Duration: Five minutes

  • Bicycles work out:

How to do:

  • Lay down on the yoga mat straight and put your hands on the side or behind the head.
  • Lift your legs and bend them at your knees.
  • Bring one knee close to your chest and keep the other one away.
  • Then take the first one away and bring the second leg close to the chest.
  • Keep doing it like you are paddling cycle.
  • Repeat 15 times, then pause and start again for fifteen minutes.


The exercise helps to

  • stable hip muscles
  • Tone thighs
  • Good for abdominal muscles

Duration: 5 minutes

  • Bench hoops:

How to do:

  • Place hands on a bench or a chair firmly.
  • Bring your feet on the right side of the chair while keeping your back straight
  • Bend the knees and jump over the bench to the opposite side.
  • Then jump back to the left side.
  • Try to move smoothly and quickly.
  • Do not pause until twenty hops.
  • Pause after 20 and then start again.


The hops help in:

  • Toning legs
  • Burning calories fast and toning lower body muscles.

Duration: Around five to seven minutes

  • Crab toe crunches:

How to do:

  • Sit on the yoga mat straight while your feet are in front of you and your knees are in a bending position.
  • Place behind the hands and lift hips from the floor
  • Afterward, put your right hand up slowly; meanwhile, lift your legs and touch the foot with your right hand.
  • Go back to the previous elevated status and change sides.
  • Keep doing it alternatively.
  • Do for 16 times, then pause and start again for sixteen times.


The exercise helps in:

  • Developing inner strength
  • Amp the weight loss
  • Boost the metabolism system

Duration: Five to seven minutes

Burn belly fat

So which exercise proves to be effective for you? Do you prefer cardio exercise or power training? Choose from many options to see which one works best for you.

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