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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Scientists always surprise us with their latest innovations. These inventions fascinate us, and we want to have them immediately to travel towards the future in style. Here is the list of the 17 greatest inventions which are available for consumers.

Desk lamp – that levitates!

Desk lamp that levitates in air
Levitating Light Bulb

Flyte desk lamp is a wireless bulb that floats into the air on a wooden base. It is a magnet-embedded base that keeps the lamp levitating. The lamp is popular because it uses very little energy. The lamp can work straight for twenty years with six hours on time per day.

Jacket with built-in heater:

Heating Jacket

The Flexwarm smart jacket can warm your jacket with its incredible heating features. The coat has heating elements in the chest, back, and wrist areas. It helps with the help of sensors; you can adjust the temperature accordingly. The jacket is quite popular among active athletes and sports fans.

Sterilizer of surface:


It is a kitchen sanitizing wand’s device. The device uses UV rays to protect against harmful bacteria and microorganisms at any solid surface with non-porous features. Now your kitchen will be clean, and with a surface sterilizer, it will destroy 99 % of germs. The cooking space will shine with cleanliness and purity.

Flip phone – Three sides:

Three side phone

Project’s three-sided flip phone is a revolution in the mobile industry. Three interconnected screens can work in various modes. You can use different applications on each of them. Users are hoping to get access to this remarkable phone as soon as possible.

Wireless Headphone translators by Pilot:

Wireless translator

Once you insert headphones into your ears, it will start translating the chosen languages. You do not need to be connected with an internet connection. So travel has become more accessible and exciting these days.

Rollers and skateboards (2-in-1):

2 in 1 skateboard

Sidewinding Circular skateboards are a two-in-one fun project. You are allowed to control your legs and turn swiftly. The wheels diameter of skates is 2.5 centimeters (that makes 9.8”) which is a comfortable place for the rider’s feet. The product is available in the market so you can buy and enjoy it!

Solar Charger Port:

Wireless charger

It is a compact portable battery that charges the mobile phone through solar energy. Usage is pretty convenient. You can attach it to your window in your house or car with a suction cup.

Aqua Treadmill:

The aqua treadmill is known as a water walker & spa. It looks like a giant bathtub with a moving surface at the bottom to walk and run. It is a good choice for those who are recovering from ailments and injuries. The machine will help to reduce the pressure on the body during cardio. You can burn fats and strengthen the muscles via aerobic exercise. It is an incredible spa bath so you can relax after the training.

Bluetooth headset and Cell phone in One Device:

Bluetooth and Phone

Now you can enjoy all the features of a headset and cell phone in one device. Using the device is easy – you may squeeze the phone from the sides, and the headphone will be inserted into the ear from its middle. Unluckily, the product is still under development as per the Kambala statement.

Food composition determining scanner:

Composition determining scanner

TellSpec scanner determines the food composition in a quick scan. When you scan the food item, it will send a list of ingredients and all information to the connected mobile app. So now you can eat without fussing about food product safety.

Flexible Smartphone:

Flexible Mobile phone

Portal is a brilliant and flexible mobile phone. You can throw it from height or plunge into water for ten meters, and it will stay the same. The phone can turn into a smart wristwatch and act as a fitness tracker. The manufacturers are claiming to release it shortly.

Copy and paste portable tool:

The copy and paste tool allows you to scan the images and print them on any connected device. You need to push the button and scan the item, and the image will be transferred to any connected surface with ink. Although it is just a concept, there will be a long line of buyers once released.

Smart phone with the most explicit weather forecast:

Innovative Mobile Phone

Windows Phone can show the weather most clearly and realistically.  It will change the appearance of the screen totally according to the weather. All you need is to wait until the concept shifts into the product and comes to the market.

Sensor pen- Electronic:

Digital Pen

Phree pen is an electric pen that allows you to write anywhere, anything, and anytime. When you write with it, the symbols will be digitized and sent to any connected device (computer or phone). It is an incredible thing to write something, but there is no paper or phone in your hand.

Future Kettle – MIITO:

Innovative Kettle

MIITO allows you to heat liquid directly into the cup or bowl. You can heat according to your requirement and save lots of time and energy.

Toaster with portable features:

Portable toaster

 A portable toaster is a concept of a knife that can be heated enough to toast the bread efficiently. It will save time and energy you spent on toasting bread in the food industry.

A shower curtain that saves water:

Elisabeth Buecher manufactures spiky shower curtains as a water-efficient tool. When you have spent many minutes showering – the curtain will release plastic spikes so you may stop immediately. It is a fun gadget that makes you use less water and save the environment at the same time.

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