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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Have you ever lost your car keys or find that they are locked inside, and you are standing outside stuck?  If you did, you know how stressful it is, and the opening door is not easy.

So how did you open your car without a key? Our site has found few hacks to get your car open when you are locked outside.

Tennis Ball:

We are doubtful of the opening door with the ball, but people claim it works. You need to make a hole in your tennis ball and place it on the car lock. Then push with your power, and the air force will unlock the car.


Opening the lock with a shoelace will take lots of time, and it works on pulling up the lock mechanism only. But it works eventually! Also, it is a tool that is available easily. To unlock, tie a tiny loop and push it into the car door, get the coil inside the lock and pull it up to open.

Coat Hanger:

Coat hangers can work on the horizontal locks of the care. To unlock, twist the car hanger wire in the shape of a hook, then insert it into the car door. Next, hook around the lock and pull to open.

Screwdriver and rod:

A screwdriver can open the door but be careful as it can damage the car interiors or exteriors. To unlock your car door, create a space with a screwdriver and push the lock open with the help of a rod:

Spatula as car door opener:

The method to open is simple, insert the lever and wedge the open door. Afterwards, push the spatula in and lift the lock-up to open the door.

Inflatable wedge:

It is almost the same procedure as opening the door with a screwdriver. But here, you need air to open the door instead of a rod. It will open the door in a minute. You will not damage the car paint in the process, but it is a pricey tool on the opposing side.

Plastic strip:

Opening with a plastic strip is easy. Bend strip like a loop and insert it through the jamb. Then lift the lock to open the door. Easy – isn’t it?

Call assistance provider:

You can call the car assistance provider, and they will send help for your assistance. It is better to get help in trouble.

Professional lock picking tool:

You can use a lock picking tool to open the door if you know how to use it. It is easy and straightforward.

Locksmith help:

It is better to call a locksmith because they have all the proper tools and professional skills for the job.

  • Bonus point – A coin in the car handle:

It is not about unlocking the car – it is about keeping your vehicle safe. So if you find a coin in your car door handle, then call the police immediately as someone is trying to steal it. Because you will assume that car is secure as you have pressed a key button. But a coin will not let your lock work correctly.

open without key

Have you ever faced any situation like this? Or have you tried any of these methods? Then, share your views in the comment section. Also, do not forget to share the information with your friends and family as they might need it someday.

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