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Thursday, December 7, 2023
Right clothes

Many women despise their round belly even though men find it attractive. A survey report says that men find women with a slight female belly. They find it appealing and consider its natural beauty then abs. If the argument is not enough for you and you are looking forward to hiding your round tummy inside clothes, do it properly. Or else your belly will look the opposite.

Here is the list of some bits of advice to hide your belly and side fats under clothes smartly. Moreover, look at the mistakes and recommendations at the end for better clothing styles.

  • Light clothes & light colors:

One-color garments are an incredible choice with a round belly. On the contrary, dark make a dress look fit and show a belly, but that does not mean that dark colors are not allowed. Try wearing cream, beige, pale pink, and pistachio colors.

Tight garments highlight imperfections and fatty curves. So, try to wear clothes with layers and do not highlight hips and waist. Also, wear different elements of the same color.

  • Wear vertical shapes:

Vertical shapes, stripes, and patterns make you look taller and more competent. They also provide a fit look! Ensure that stripes are not too broad and not too clingy. Wide lines will make you look bigger, so try to narrow and frequent lines/stripes. If you do not like a dress with patterns and stripes, then opt for cardigans in decent colors. For example, white and blue stripes or black and white cardigans will look good.

  • Highlight other body parts:

To hide something, it is good to switch attention from the belly to other parts. You can highlight breasts and wear fabrics without deep cleavage and dark colors like all black. If your legs are beautiful, highlight them. But it does not mean wearing a flashy mini; instead, wear skirts with little short length or wear leggings.

  • Clothes with longer length:

When you are wearing a dress, choose the straight cut and long length. A dress with a flower cut can be a good choice. Do not highlight problem areas – and a dress with draping might not be a good choice. Instead, wear the trapezoidal dress with no tight spots to hide your tummy correctly.

Dresses with high waits are a good choice so that you can wear dark colors with confidence. There are many other exciting options available too!

  • One-color clothes (Shirts and blouses):

Single-color blouses are exciting options to wear in the office and also incredible choices for a fun day out with friends.

  • Loose tunics and tops:

A loose top or tunic is a good choice to hide the belly and stay cozy always. But it does not mean that you wear something too big or exceptionally oversized. A couple of size big top means your body looks more significant than before.

  • High rise pants:

High-rise pants are a good choice as they make a smooth line from waist to the hips. You can hide the sides smartly. Simple dark or classic black pants with thick garments can hold the dress together decently.

  • Avoid low rise pants:

Low-rise jeans are not a good option if you want to hide your belly and side fats. Instead, wear a belt with it and choose it carefully. A belt with a massive buckle will ruin your look as it will make your belly area an attraction point.

  • Wear skirts:

Wear a beautiful pencil skirt in thick dark fabric and high-heeled shoes to look attractive and hide your belly. You can also choose flared skirt as a substitute for pencil skin. Choose skirts with bright colors and high rise for a great look.

  • Cardigans are love:

Everyone universally loves cardigans. It goes with all types of clothes like skirts, dresses, jeans, and pants. Cardigans create vertical strips that provide a refined look of your body.

You can wear knitted cardigans open and avoid buttoning them at your belly point. However, cardigans with big pockets are not a good choice for you if you do not want to look bigger.


Whenever you are going out, wear some compressive underclothes to hide body flaws. Using special underclothes will make you look better. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Anne Hathaway, Oprah adore these underclothes.

Compressive undergarments transfer shape elegantly, and only pretty curves are visible. Therefore, these are a good choice for special occasions.

Dress stylish

So what among these secrets to hide belly you will love to follow? Write in the comments your favorite style.

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